About Us

Adam Wilkinson


Adam is the founder of Impact Measurement Ltd., a business that works with large clients such as EDF, Balfour Beatty, and Government. The theme of Adam’s work lies in the creation and application of methodologies that measure socio-economic impacts on communities. He was in the vanguard of measuring public value by applying local economic multiplier (LM3) analysis to public procurement. This included maximising benefits to local suppliers from school food procurement. He is responsible for the technical design and delivery of the Meal Analyser.

Angela Tregear


Angela is Professor of Marketing at Edinburgh University Business School, specialising in food, agriculture and sustainability. For the past 6 years her research has investigated the environmental, economic and social impacts of public catering services, both across Europe and amongst UK local authorities and school academy trusts. She has contributed over 20 publications on sustainability in public catering, including refereed papers, reports, conference presentations and webinars. She has also contributed to Courtaulds 2030 – the UK government and industry standard for measuring carbon emissions in the food & drink sector. Angela designed the calculation method for the Meal Analyser and oversees the calculation process for each project, from data entry to interpretation of results.