How it works

Projects typically involve four steps:

Step 1: you supply us with recipe and meal uptake data for the time period you want to analyse, e.g. a term, season or year.

Step 2: we code and analyse your data, using a calculation method based on our European funded research.

Step 3: we calculate your results, including your carbon emissions dish-by-dish, and the total carbon footprint of your service.

Step 4: we advise you on how to reduce your emissions, to meet your net zero targets.

What do you Get?

Once we have your data:


We create an online site for you where you and your clients (if you wish) can login.


You can review your results on a dashboard and try what if scenarios to see how you could improve


You can compare your current results with previous results to monitor improvements over time.


Download your full reports with full results analysis and recommendations.